When talking with those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s it is often difficult to follow their conversation. Your loved one may have a tendency to mix people or places up or have trouble thinking of everyday words when telling a story. When your loved one is stuck on a word that isn’t coming to their mind easily, try not to immediately rush in to supply it. If you pick the wrong word, you’ll only be adding to the frustration he or she is already feeling. Also, by supplying the word, you could unknowingly interrupt your loved one’s train of thought resulting in the whole idea being lost. A better response would be to wait calmly for a few moments to let the word surface. In the absence of added tension, it may come, but be patient. If it doesn’t and you’re pretty sure you know what it is, you can then venture a guess. Don’t be alarmed if the person loses track of what he or she was trying to say and changes the subject entirely. It’s best to go with the flow and act as if the change never happened. Getting frustrated or trying to correct the person will only make things worse. He or she can’t help it. It is an unfortunate result of a horrible disease. Your loved one may have trouble communicating with words, but he or she still has emotions and feelings. Always communicate in a positive manner with love.

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